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    Non - Invasive Liposuction
    starting from only £159
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Welcome To Nude Aesthetics

Nude Aesthetics are proud to offer a safe and effective non - invasive alternative to liposuction.
Lipoglaze is the revolutionary fat reduction treatment that celebrities swear by to sculpt and re - shape the body.
Nude Aesthetics will enable you to target resistant areas of fat and reduce your waistline without having to go under the surgeons knife.

You will receive a consultation with measurements taken and recorded, followed by a full 1 hour session on the area to be treated using the correct size head for your chosen area for maximum results. We will then end the treatment with a green detox shot to kick start the body.

11% - 58% fat reduction
Permanent results
Restored body image

Non - invasive

What is Lipoglaze?

Lipoglaze is FDA approved and scientifically proved to permanently destroy fat cells in the treated area. With just a single treatment by our Harley Street trained technicians an average of 33% of the fat cells are destroyed.

Nude Aesthetics have invested in the duo - sculpt technology meaning we can treat a dual area in half the time. We are also excited to offer the large application head to maximise the best results possible in a larger area such as the abdomen. Results in this area have shown a 2 - 6 inch loss in just a single treatment. Salons using a smaller applicator could result in further treatments needed for the desired look.

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Have you got fat that you can't shift alone?
We are offering FatFreezing from £159 call for a free consultation.

Want a perfect figure? We can make it happen...

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