How it works?

Target and dissolve the fat cells!

How it works?

What to expect

Lipoglaze uses a powerful suction along with cryotherapy to target areas of stubborn and excess fat by using advanced cooling technology to selectively target and dissolve fat cells. The intense cold sensation triggers the crystallisation and breakdown of fat cells through a process known as apoptosis, a form of "programmed cell death" subsequently reducing the thickness of the subcutaneous fat. The cells in the treated area are then gently absorbed and eliminated through the body's natural metabolism process (liver).

Nude Aesthetics will enable you to target resistant areas of fat and reduce your waistline without having to go under the surgeons knife.

The Lady

Upper Abdomen - 1 Area

Lower Abdomen - 1 Area

Hips (Love Handles) - 2 Areas

Back (Under Bra Rolls) - 2 Areas

Inner / Outer Thighs - 2 Areas

Under Buttocks - 2 Areas

Arms (Bingo Wings) - 2 Areas

The Gent

Gynaecomastia (Moobs) - 2 Areas

Flanks (Love Handles) - 2 Areas

Upper Abdomen - 1 Area

Lower Abdomen - 1 Area


£159 per 1 area

£290 per 2 areas

Please enquire for prices on additional areas as discounted packages are available.

Cancellation Policy

A £50 deposit is required to secure your booking. A minimum of 24hr notice is required for cancellation. Deposits are non - refundable if the minimum 24hr is not given.


Why Choose Lipoglaze

Some facts below:

  • No Pain
  • No Needles
  • No Recovery Time
  • No Surgery
  • 11% - 58% Fat Reduction
  • Sculpted Contour
  • Restored Body Image
  • Permanent Results